The purpose of the A.C.S. athletic program is to provide a showcase of the talents and Christian testimonies of our young people. It is also provided to instill in our students an attitude reflecting Christian character in competitive sports. We offer j.v. and varsity volleyball (girls only) and j.v. and varsity basketball as our fall and winter sports. We also offer softball and baseball as our spring sports. Check out the links below to view the most up-to-date schedules for these teams.
Athletic Department Staff & Coaches:
  • Athletic Director: Josh Butler
  • Asst. Athletic Director: Kelly Perry
  • J.V. & Varsity Volleyball Coach: Suzanne Adams
  • J.V. & Varsity Boys Basketball Coach: Andy Daughtrey
  • J.V. & Varsity Girls Basketball Coach: Kelly Perry
  • Girls Softball Coach: Joey Parker
  • Boys Baseball Coach: Chuck Munford