Message Concerning Daycare Re-opening

To A.C.S. & Daycare Parents/Guardians:
Our administration has been working to be able to re-open our daycare ministry. We have gained clearance from the state of North Carolina to officially re-open at our discretion. We have decided that our daycare will tentatively re-open on Tuesday, May 26. Our re-opening will be based upon the number of people who need us to re-open. For the next week (May 18-22) we will be counting the number of those who need us to re-open. If you are a parent/guardian who needs us to re-open, please let us know over the next week. If there is enough interest, then we will re-open. Do NOT post to Facebook if you are interested. Please send a text, or a direct message on Facebook Messenger, to either Hannah Butler (School Secretary), Elaine Pool (Principal), or Rose Casper (Daycare Administrator). Just text us your name, your child’s name, and that you are interested in our daycare reopening on May 26. We will make an announcement on Friday, May 22 by 4 p.m. informing everyone of whether we will officially open or not.
If we decide to re-open on Tuesday, May 26 we will be open from 6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. The following procedures will be put in place. Please understand that these procedures are mandated by the state of North Carolina; therefore, we must follow them. We understand that there is the potential that some of these procedures may slow down the drop-off or pick-up of students. Nevertheless, we must do what we can to (1) protect the health of everyone who enters our facility; (2) institute and follow the laws and regulations of North Carolina; and (3) do our best to expedite the drop-off and pick-up of students. Please understand that these new guidelines and procedures are temporary and will be slowly lifted over time.
New Procedures/Guidelines
1. Only children age 12 and under may stay for daycare.
2. At drop-off, each child’s temperature must be taken at the door. Any child who has a temperature above 98.6 degrees will not be allowed to stay. Parents/Guardians who are dropping off their child may NOT leave until the child’s temperature has been taken. Please consider this extra time when planning to drop off children.
3. At drop-off, all students will be required to use hand sanitizer before continuing down the hallway (we will have this available).
4. Any child who is exhibiting any symptoms that are consistent with those of COVID-19, or any child who develops a fever while at daycare, will be sent home immediately. The student will not be allowed to return for 1 week regardless of the reason for the symptoms.
5. Parents will not be allowed to go beyond the daycare hallway. Only faculty & staff are allowed beyond the hallway and in the cafeteria.
1. The balance on your child’s daycare account must be cleared before they can stay. Any one who still owes money will be unable to drop-off their child until they take care of the balance.
2. If you are unsure of your account balance please contact Mrs. Hannah in the school office during her scheduled office hours. You may also come to the school and pay your balance on those days. You can also pay your balance when you drop off your child the first day they stay for daycare.
Awareness & Safety
We request that parents please use caution. If your child has COVID-19 symptoms or has been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, then please keep him/her home. Do not expose others to this sickness if you or your child has been exposed. Please follow the CDC guidelines in this manner.
Our daycare teachers will be working at keeping their rooms clean and sterile throughout the day. We are committed to working diligently at both protecting the health of our students and their families while also being able to serve our families who need us to re-open. We appreciate your patience in this matter as we work to get to a place where we can re-open.
Josh Butler, Pastor