Philosophy & Mission

Ahoskie Christian School (A.C.S.) exists as a ministry of Ahoskie Free Will Baptist Church for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission by educating the minds of young people with a biblical worldview and cultivating in their hearts a passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and his work. 

We believe that everything in this world, including all knowledge, belongs to God; therefore, education is a sacred field. Education is the field where students are taught the truth about reality and the world they live in. The Bible, being the revealed Word of God, is the lens by-which we are able to interpret the world and all of reality. Our philosophy of education is thus rooted in a biblical worldview where every subject area is taught from the perspective that this is God’s world, reality, and knowledge. 

We understand that A.C.S. is an extension of the Christian home. We desire to stand beside families and provide a continuity of training for Christian young people. Our Christian school has the responsibility to provide the best possible education. A biblical viewpoint in the vital areas of life – spiritual growth, education, and personal self-discipline – must be strongly stressed to all students during their years of training. We desire to minister to the needs of the whole child and to promote his or her spiritual and moral growth, academic and intellectual progress, and physical and social development.